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Black Lycra composite black TPU film, cloth composite, hot melt adhesive composite

  Dongguan Daheng Industry Co., Ltd. provides customers with the services of TPU waterproof and moisture permeable membrane processing and TPU waterproof and moisture permeable membrane composite processing. Our company adopts pur hot melt adhesive composite TPU film. First, we briefly introduce the lower TPU film and pur hot melt adhesive composite.


TPU waterproof and breathable membrane
1. High permeability, humidity: above 6000 (g / m2x24hrs), water resistance 10000mm / H2O, elongation 300% - 800%
Medium permeability, humidity: 2000-4000 (g / m2x24hrs), water resistance: 10000mm / H2O, elongation: 300% - 800%
Low permeability, water resistance below 2000 (g / m2x24hrs) 10000mm / H2O, elongation 300% - 800%
2. When the product needs to be used in the environment with high temperature (such as 70 ℃) for a long time, the oxidation (aging) of the selected material and the oxygen in the air must be considered. The waterproof and moisture permeable membrane can cope with various harsh environments, and the general temperature resistance is about 130 ℃
3. The waterproof and moisture permeable membrane has a very good low temperature resistance, which can generally reach the level of - 30 degrees below, and can replace the use of general PVC which will be embrittled. Suitable for products related to cold zone
4. Application
Shoe material: sports shoe trademark, shoe surface decoration, air cushion, sole decoration, waterproof material fitting, etc;
Clothing accessories: transparent elastic belt, bra liquid bag, chlorine bag, invisible shoulder belt, waterstop, waterproof and moisture permeable fabric fitting, etc;
Fabric: waterproof and moisture permeable cloth, high-strength laminating cloth (used for massage air cushion bed, aviation life jacket, rib chest, military water bag, etc.);
Sports equipment: ball, scooter, sledge, snow boots, camping products, aquatic products, ski gloves, apron, electronic products, medical equipment, automobile industry, etc.
5. Film thickness range: 0.015mm-0.5mm


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