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Black sandwich fabric

Dongguan Daheng Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in May 1995. Its original name was "Dongguan Hengda shoes material Co., Ltd." and now it has been renamed "Dongguan Daheng Industry Co., Ltd.". The company covers an area of more than 10000 square meters, with a building area of more than 12000 square meters. It is a complex factory with a large scale and mature technology in Dongguan. Our company is mainly engaged in the production and processing of raw materials such as shoes, sports equipment, handbags, bags, clothing, furniture, electronic accessories, etc. At present, we have all kinds of advanced laminating machines: self-adhesive glue machine, weaving machine, cloth compound machine, flame laminating machine (no glue laminating machine), TPU film laminating machine, oil scavenging paste machine, sliver cutting machine, striping machine, hot melt glue machine and other machines, and we have all kinds of technical talents and powerful distribution system in this industry. Our products are exported to all parts of the country and European and American markets.
Main business scope:
1. "Hengda" environmental protection setting cloth: hot pressing type (Class A, C, D, H) and cold sticking type (class B). This product is suitable for all kinds of leather products. It is characterized by strong air permeability, keeping the original characteristics of leather, firmness and beauty after finalization to prevent wrinkle of loose leather surface.
2. All kinds of cloth for shoes and clothing: nylon cloth, visa, all kinds of mesh cloth, colored Ding cloth, non-woven cloth, fine cloth, Lycra cloth, Jiaji cloth, Canberra, towel cloth, fleece cloth, velvet, Lixin cloth, Trevor, etc;
3. Footwear accessories: EVA, high foaming, Rb material, Gangbao, hot melt film, sponge (CR3), foam, latex, SBR, pearl cotton, nylon reinforcing tape, hot sealing strip, etc;
4. All kinds of lamination and gluing: Foam lamination, strong adhesive lamination, dispensing lamination, all kinds of leather lamination, hot melt adhesive, self-adhesive, anti stripping, oil scavenging paste, sliver cutting, strip drawing, etc;
5. Fabric composite: the whole process adopts environmental glue processing, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, soft hand, water-resistant and dry cleaning; it is suitable for all kinds of ready-made clothes, gloves, bust, hat, furniture, toys, cushion, baby carriage, etc;
6. TPU waterproof and moisture permeable membrane fitting: the material pasted with waterproof and moisture permeable membrane has the characteristics of softness, waterproof, windproof and moisture permeable, which can quickly discharge the water vapor produced by sweating during exercise, so that it will not feel sultry when wearing and can properly regulate the body temperature and keep the body dry, suitable for waterproof shoes, air cushion shoes, sports pads, clothing, medical devices, sleeping bags, etc.
7. Flame lamination (no glue lamination): the foam body is used as a bridge, which is melted and bonded with other materials by flame spraying. It has the advantages of strong integrity, good hand feeling, water resistance, dry cleaning, environmental protection, etc.
8. Hot melt adhesive compounding: under the condition of inhibiting chemical reaction, the hot melt adhesive is heated and melted into a fluid to facilitate coating; the adhesive layer agglomerates after two kinds of adherends are bonded and cooled; after that, with the help of the moisture in the air and the moisture attached to the surface of the adherend, the reaction and chain expansion are carried out to generate a polymer with high cohesion, which makes the adhesion, heat resistance and low resistance Temperature and so on significantly improved.
Because of its high reactivity, it shows excellent adhesion to a variety of talents.


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