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TPU waterproof breathable membrane丨polyester composite TPU membrane

Product details
1. TPU composite waterproof film process, soft feel, large elasticity, can be used for high frequency voltage
2. Various types can be processed with samples, and can be handled according to customers' requirements such as soft and hard handle, breathable, durable, thick and thin
3. Waterproof and shockproof, high quality yarn is used for weaving intermediate TPU waterproof film with good flexibility
4. Water-resistant, low-temperature resistant, light and soft, collapsible, windshield and rainproof, with heat dissipation function, elastic and telescopic force

Product use
Footwear material: sneaker trademark, vamp decoration, air cushion, outsole decoration piece, footwear material waterproof fabric fitting, etc.
Clothing accessories: transparent elastic belt, bra liquid bag, chlorine bag, invisible shoulder belt, water stop belt, waterproof and moisture permeable fabric fitting for ready-made clothes, etc.
Fabric: waterproof and moisture permeable cloth, high strength laminating cloth (used for massage air mattress, aviation life vest, chest lining, military water bag, etc.);
Sports equipment: ball games, scooters, sleds, snow boots, camping products, water supplies, ski gloves, aprons, electronics, medical equipment, automotive industry, etc.

Product features
1. Glue up to oEKo-tex STANDERD 100 CLASS II standard: this composite is made of reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive, and the whole composite process is up to the European standard. And the glue doesn't smell.
2.The composite width of hot-melt adhesive machine can reach 2.4 meters: the traditional composite machine has a composite width of 1.5 meters, but according to the market demand and practical application, the composite door width can reach 2 meters. The traditional compound machine can not compound more than 1.5 meters limit.
3.hot melt adhesive compound TPU membrane, PTFE membrane, PU membrane with waterproof and moisture permeable fabric (gas) performance is good, wear comfortable soft, etc, and set the waterproof and moisture permeable, breathable, windproof, warm, dry, durable, and other functions in one, is widely used in sports, aerospace, medical, fire protection in areas such as all kinds of sportswear, jackets, windbreaker, winter coat, ski clothes, military clothing, isolation, and so on.
4. Hot-melt adhesive compound fabric features: machine washing at 40,60,90℃; Alkali resistant washing; Dry-clean (resistant to chlorinated solvents and bleach); High temperature sterilizer can be used for treatment at 134 ℃ for 18 minutes; High temperature resistance up to 200℃.
5. The composite material with this method has better hand feeling.

Scope of application
Clothing, shoe material, bag material, outdoor inflatable products, sports supplies, medical equipment, gloves, hats, baby products, home textile series, inflatable products, outdoor tents, fire protection, automobile industry, aerospace field, etc.

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