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Non woven film special for protective clothing

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Product introduction:

(PP non-woven fabric + PE film) is a composite product of PP Spunbond fabric and LDPE film, which can effectively prevent the erosion of dust, bacteria and other harmful particles, and prevent the penetration of body fluids, paint and other liquids.

Therefore, the product can be widely used in:

Medical and health care: disposable bed sheet, B-ultrasonic examination bed sheet, on-board stretcher bed sheet, surgical clothes, isolation clothes and household articles:

Disposable waterproof raincoat:

Industrial products: dustproof clothing, paint spraying overalls

PP non-woven fabric or water pricked non-woven fabric, drenching PP membrane or composite air permeable membrane are widely used in daily life and industrial medical treatment. The composite product has the functions of air permeability and water resistance


30g-100g, randomly cut within 1600mm. The color of non-woven fabric can be customized.


1. Waterproof: the membrane mask has good barrier and impermeability.

2、 Oil proof: the film is completely blocked by oil and grease.

3. Increase product strength: PP non-woven fabric can increase the tension and strength of the product after coating.

4. Airtight: PP non-woven fabric has the characteristics of air permeability and water resistance. It is airtight after coating and can achieve the effect of complete water resistance.

5. Heat preservation: due to its airtight characteristics, it can play a good heat preservation effect in the use of agricultural greenhouse cloth.

Application scope:

1. Medical field: surgical clothes, surgical towels, bed sheets

2. Industrial applications: car covers, work clothes, raincoats

3. Health sector: diapers, sanitary napkins, adult incontinence pads, pet pads

4. Construction and Agriculture: roof waterproof and moisture-proof materials

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