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Sandwich composite low permeability TPU film composite set yarn

Dongguan Daheng Industrial Co. , Ltd. can provide customers with hot melt adhesive composite processing services, can also provide substitute composite services. We use Pur hot-melt adhesive for knitting cloth: Pur hot-melt adhesive is a high standard in the field of composite at present. Dongguan Daheng Industrial Co. , Ltd. . This composite approach to meet all kinds of sportswear, jacket, windbreaker, winter clothing, ski clothing, uniforms, isolation clothing, baby products and other environmental protection requirements of the highest. Pur Hot Melt Adhesive Environmental Protection Compound principle: Hot Melt adhesive is in the inhibition of chemical reaction, heating melt into a fluid, in order to coating; Then it reacts with moisture in the air and on the surface of the stick. Chain extension, the formation of a polymer with a high degree of cohesion, so that the adhesion. Heat resistance. Low temperature resistance and so on remarkable enhancement. Because of its high reactivity, it shows excellent adhesion to a variety of materials. First, the Pur glue environmental protection can reach the OEKO-TEX STANDERD 100class II standard: This compound uses reactive polyurethane hot melt glue compound, the whole compound process can reach the European Union environmental protection. And the glue doesn't smell. Second, the maximum width of hot melt adhesive machine can reach 2.4 meters: the traditional composite machine maximum width of 1.6 meters, but hot melt adhesive machine according to market demand and actual use, the maximum width of the door can reach 2.4 meters. Break the traditional compound machine can not compound more than 1.6 meters limit. For the home textile industry, this will play a huge role in promoting. Third, Pur hot melt adhesive environmental protection composite TPU Membrane, PTFE membrane, Pu Membrane clothing fabric with waterproof moisture permeability (gas) , wear comfortable and soft characteristics, etc. , and set waterproof, moisture, breathable, wind, warm, antibacterial, dry, durable and other functions in one, widely used in sports, military police, aerospace, medical, fire and other fields of all kinds of sportswear, jacket, windbreaker, winter clothing, ski clothing, uniforms, isolation clothing and so on. Fourth, Pur hot melt adhesive environment-friendly composite fabric features: Machine Washing at 40,60,90 °c; alkali-resistant washing; dry cleaning (resistant to chlorinated solvents and bleach) ; high temperature sterilizer can be used at 134 °C for 18 minutes; Can withstand high temperatures up to 200 °C. Fifth, the use of this method of composite materials feel excellent. 


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