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Black 150g nylon velvet + black 2.5 mm K329 foam cotton + 0.025 mm low transparent TPU film

1. Width: 58" Dongguan Daheng Industrial Co. , Ltd. was established in May 1995. The name of the company was originally "Dongguan Hengda Shoe Material Co. , Ltd. " , but has now been changed to "Dongguan Daheng Industrial Co. , Ltd. " . The company covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, Gross leasable area up to more than 12,000 square meters, Dongguan has a large scale, mature technology compound plant. Division I mainly engaged in shoes, sports equipment, handbags, bags, clothing, furniture, electronic accessories and other raw materials production and processing. At present, we have all kinds of advanced laminating machines: self-adhesive machine, loom, cloth laminating machine, flame laminating machine (no laminating) , TPU film laminating machine, oil-sweeping machine, cutting machine, drawing machine, hot melt adhesive machine and other machinery. Main business scope: 1, "Hengda" environmental type cloth: Hot (A, C, D, h class) and cold paste type (B class) . This product is suitable for all kinds of leather products, its characteristics are strong air permeability, keep the original characteristics of leather, firm, beautiful after shaping to prevent leather loose surface wrinkle. Sentence is too long, please supply a shorter sentence. 7, Flame Bonding (non-adhesive bonding) : The use of foam body as a bridge, through the flame spray to melt and other materials bonding, with a strong integrity, feel good, water-proof dry cleaning, environmental protection, and so on. 8, HOT MELT ADHESIVE COMPOUND: Hot Melt Adhesive is in the inhibition of chemical reaction conditions, heating melt into a fluid, in order to coating; two kinds of adhesive bonding cooling after the adhesive adhesive layer cohesion to play the role of bonding; then with the help of moisture in the air and adhesion of the surface of the adhesive in the reaction, chain extension, the formation of polymer with high cohesion, so that adhesion, heat resistance, low temperature resistance and so on significantly improved. Because of its high reactivity, it shows excellent adhesion to a variety of qualities. APPLICATION: Automotive Industry: Head lining and cushion, door pillar leather bonding clothing industry: Women's Bra, cold clothing, sports clothing, diving clothes bonding shoes industry: sports shoes upper bonding health care: protective clothing bonding TPU membrane, PTFE membrane, Pu membrane clothing fabrics with waterproof and moisture permeability (gas) performance, comfortable and soft, and set waterproof, moisture permeability, ventilation, wind, warmth, antibacterial, dry, durable and other functions in one. Widely used in: Sports, Military Police, aerospace, medical, fire and other fields of various sportswear, jacket, windbreaker, winter clothing, ski clothing, uniforms, isolation clothing and so on.

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