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Needle punched cotton fabric of various thickness | oil resistant setting cloth | fabric compound

Needle cotton thickness: 0.4 mm; 0.6 mm; 0.8 mm; 1.0 mm; 1.2 mm; 1.5 mm; 2.0 mm, etc. , color required quantity needle cotton category: A and B sample fee: new customers in principle, 5 yards of the board does not charge; quantity more than 5 yards or more of the same material proofing, sample fee charged by 300 yuan. Sample delivery: Spot samples, 2 Days To Send Samples; Oem Samples 3-5 days; substitute samples depending on the situation and Business Communication; Dye Card 3-5 days. Delivery Time: 3-5 Days; large order, negotiation period within the delivery in batches. Logistics Issues: Dongguan and Shenzhen customers, in principle can deliver goods, special according to the amount of the order in accordance with the actual situation to negotiate delivery; non-delivery customers can negotiate express delivery or logistics delivery to pay. PAYMENT TERMS: new customers cash transaction; new customers in Guangdong Province after five cash transactions to negotiate monthly closing matters, after our factory inspection to confirm whether the monthly closing conditions; in principle, customers outside Guangdong Province do not accept monthly closing.

Division I business: Division I business: boots with shaped cloth, hengda shaped cloth, oil-resistant shaped cloth, fabric composite, General Lamination, hot melt glue composite, shoe material lamination factory.

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