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Dongguan flame compound factory | boots used to set the cloth | constant to set the cloth

Dongguan dayheng industrial co., LTD. Has been engaged in compound for 21 years, and has mature technology and professional fire-stick technicians. In guangdong province, dongguan dheng industrial co., LTD. Is a leading company in the flame composite factory, which has developed suppliers for many well-known brands. It can provide knitting fabric full - acting material flame compound or flame compound processing service.


 Flame recombination:
1) the flame composite USES a fire-covered sponge as a bridge, which is melted and bonded with other materials by flame spraying.
2) the compound finished products are environmentally friendly, with strong integrity, soft hand feel, and can withstand washing and dry cleaning.
3) flame compound products are applicable to clothing, footwear, handbags, baby products, home textiles, automobile interior, etc
4) brief introduction of fire bonding: 18KG/m cubed, 25KG/m cubed and 30KG/m cubed are commonly used
Thickness of lamination: 2-20mm
Color: black and pale blue
Width: 58 inches used
The type, thickness, color and width of the fire-pasted wadding can be selected according to the need

5) knitting fabric: the knitting fabric can be divided into pure cotton, polyester, T/R materials according to the material, and selected according to different demands of customers.

Sample fee: no charge within 5 yards for new customer rule; If the quantity is more than 5 yards or many times of sample making, the sample fee will be charged from RMB 300.

Sample delivery date: spot sample, sample will be sent within 2 days. 3 to 5 days for OEM samples; The proxy sample depends on the situation and business communication; Dye color card for 3-5 days.

Delivery time of large cargo: 3-5 days; The order quantity is huge, and delivery should be made in batches within the negotiation period.

Logistics problems: customers in dongguan and shenzhen can deliver goods in principle, and negotiate delivery matters according to the order amount according to the actual situation. Non-delivery customers can negotiate express delivery or logistics delivery.

Payment method: new customer cash transaction; Negotiation on monthly statement after five cash transactions of new customers in guangdong province, we will confirm whether it meets monthly statement conditions after factory inspection. Customers outside guangdong province will not accept monthly statement in principle.


Our business:Boot set,Hengda type fabric, oil - resistant type fabric, cloth composite, common fit,Hot melt adhesive recombination, shoe material joint factory.

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