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Hengda shoe material A15 hot melt adhesive non - woven fabric

Type A product specification for stereotypes cloth

Type A stereotyped fabric belongs to the commonly used type of hot-melt adhesive in the market, which has excellent adhesion. It has thermal viscosity, low melting viscosity, excellent thermal stability and weather resistance for almost all materials. This kind of stereotyped cloth material wide, fit to stick the scope is large, the price is affordable. Especially suitable for strong and curved products.

Type of type A stereotypes cloth:

Heat glue on cotton knit cloth

Hot-melt adhesive on T/C knitting fabric

Heat glue on nonwoven fabric

Heat glue on cotton wool cloth, etc

New product development is also available on request from customers


Hot-pressing temperature: 100 ℃ to 120 ℃ (measured temperature)

Pressure: 2 kg to 5 kg

Time: 8-15 seconds

Scope of application:

It is suitable for fitting big cowhide, small cowhide, sheepskin, sheep skin, waxing skin, soft skin, abortive cow, PU leather and other materials.

Matters needing attention:

The above methods of use and scope of application are for reference only. Due to the customer's differences in raw materials, storage and production process conditions, adjustments shall be made according to the actual production conditions. The customer is requested to conduct sample tests before mass production to determine the availability of materials. The seller shall not bear any responsibility for any quality disputes, incidental or indirect losses caused thereby.

Class A (hot pressing adhesive type)

A01 (36 ") for general stereotypes, applicable to fetal cowhide, lambskin;

A02 (36 ") is applicable to cowhide, artificial leather horse boots, warping type and upper use;
A03 (36 ") applies to the surface of heavy leather boots;

A05 (36 ") for leather, sheepskin casual shoes;

A06 (36 ") for thinner leather (double cloth);

A09 (36 ") is suitable for shaping cowhide and sheepskin;

A11 (36 ") is suitable for cowhide, sheepskin, horse boot warping and upper applications;

A15 type shoe styling cloth (36 ") is suitable for shaping cowhide and sheepskin.

A29 (44) is suitable for supporting all kinds of men's and women's leather shoes, especially suede, or soft and oily leather.

Sample fee: no charge within 5 yards for new customer rule; If the quantity is more than 5 yards or many times of sample making, the sample fee will be charged from RMB 300.

Sample delivery date: spot sample, sample will be sent within 2 days. 3 to 5 days for OEM samples; The proxy sample depends on the situation and business communication; Dye color card for 3-5 days.

Delivery time of large cargo: 3-5 days; The order quantity is huge, and delivery should be made in batches within the negotiation period.

Logistics problems: customers in dongguan and shenzhen can deliver goods in principle, and negotiate delivery matters according to the order amount according to the actual situation. Non-delivery customers can negotiate express delivery or logistics delivery.

Payment method: new customer cash transaction; Negotiation on monthly statement after five cash transactions of new customers in guangdong province, we will confirm whether it meets monthly statement conditions after factory inspection. Customers outside guangdong province will not accept monthly statement in principle.


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