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Self-adhesive | on 0.45mm grey long fiber ordinary binding | constant standard set cloth

Product name: long fiber reinforced cloth (also known as grey long fiber and white long fiber)

Material structure: the continuous long fiber polyester nonwovens made by the special hot melt spinning and bonding process are provided with self-adhesive backing adhesive, which is easy and convenient to operate. Besides, there is no self-adhesive backing adhesive product, which can be self-adhesive according to different demands.

Product color: white and grey;

Product specification: thickness of 0.3mm ~ 1.0mm, width of 54 inches;

Material characteristics: high strength continuous long fiber spinning made of 100% polyester is adhesive fabric with good tear strength, light weight, no rough edges, compact structure, stable size (no deformation) and other directional strength, and no shrinkage.

Scope of application: shoe industry -- in all kinds of shoes, the shoe eye makes up strong vamp makes up strong, be used for men and women shoes, sports shoes, travel shoes and so on more. Filtering materials used in filtering equipment; Huangshi - a decorative lining used for automobile, railway ceiling, automobile body, etc. Offers a variety of thickness and hardness options for different USES;

Method of operation: after cutting into the desired shape with the cutting knife, tear off the detached paper and directly attach it to the required position and press it flat by hand, no need to use the iron or hot pressing machine. Due to the different equipment and operating conditions as well as the diversity of fabrics, it is recommended to try out before use to achieve the best effect.

Sample fee: no charge within 5 yards for new customer rule; If the quantity is more than 5 yards or many times of sample making, the sample fee will be charged from RMB 300.

Sample delivery date: spot sample, sample will be sent within 2 days. 3 to 5 days for OEM samples; The proxy sample depends on the situation and business communication; Dye color card for 3-5 days.

Delivery time of large cargo: 3-5 days; The order quantity is huge, and delivery should be made in batches within the negotiation period.

Logistics problems: customers in dongguan and shenzhen can deliver goods in principle, and negotiate delivery matters according to the order amount according to the actual situation. Non-delivery customers can negotiate express delivery or logistics delivery.

Payment method: new customer cash transaction; Negotiation on monthly statement after five cash transactions of new customers in guangdong province, we will confirm whether it meets monthly statement conditions after factory inspection. Customers outside guangdong province will not accept monthly statement in principle.

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