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Worth a look of classic sayings
From: Please Complete English Information Post date: 2018-12-24

1. You can't change the environment, but you can change yourself;You don't change the fact, but you can change the attitude;You can't change the past, but you can change now;You can't control others, but you can master yourself.You can't predict tomorrow, but you can grasp today;You can't everything smooth, but you can dedicate;You can't extend the length of your life, but you can decide the width of life.

2. Like something hard to win, because can love the people and things, already not much.

3. Change, it is never too late.No matter how old you are, no matter how bad are your current situation, as long as you set goals, go forward step by step, the possibility of coming back at any time in life.

4. You must have enough power, you of the principles and the bottom line will be respected.

5. Do you haven't done that grow, and do what you don't want to call change, do what you dare not do that.

6. Long life, if you have a really is no one to accompany you busy, do you want to walk alone myself, through this period of good, have better scenery ahead and better person to wait.

7. If you are right, you don't need to lose his temper, if you are wrong, you don't have the qualification to lose his temper.

8. When he was young, even the sentimental to render the astounding.Grow up is to learn, the more pain, the more quietly.The more suffering, the more silent.Growth is to your crying muted mode.

9. There is no not curved road, there is no don't thank flowers, people life ability is limited, but the effort is infinite.Strive to do a kind person, do a mentality sunshine, make a positive people, with positive energy to inspire yourself, you sunshine, the world will be wonderful because of you!

10. When you were young, we love dying live, but as we grow, you'll find that love is not the whole of life, kind, hard, reading, appearance, height, health, let oneself become better is the most important thing in life.

11. The so-called lost, is talent don't deserve a dream: things to do, things don't work;Don't want to do things at hand, just want to do them knowing you can't have them.Remove confusion, from small start, start from around things, ability to do great things did not get it, but from these small things to practice.Things don't work, the big wheel less than you, while you fall can also stand up, learn first to do with their feet on the ground.

12. If you can't break the heart, even give you the whole sky, you also can not find the feeling of freedom.

13. There is no bloody shout of pain, afraid of the dark lights, miss contact, exhaustion is empty, please be isolated, vulnerable to home, don't blind eyes, was now is to grow up after all, the darkest that road will want to go out.

14. Life is always dangerous?Always the case.The world of adults, this is not easy.

15. His life every possible way, because the omissions and defects, we will be looking for.Every time the emergence of the troubles, is a give us the opportunity to find their weaknesses.Life is like a train, the scenery beauty again will retreat, the passage of time and meet people will drifting away, walking is always himself.

16. No who sorry who, only who don't know to cherish who.A sad thing in life is that you met a to you very important person, but eventually found you decree by destiny, so you have to let go.Heart tired, is often wander in the persistence and give up between, indecisive.Worries, is that the memory is too good, remember, dont remember will stay in memory.

17. The life such as tea, meditation.Life is important.Try our best, but prepare for the worst, the best state of mind.Remember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten, alter what is changeable, and accept as fact.The sun always new, every day is a good day.

18. Because happiness is not get much, but caring less.Chase didn't get, don't know to cherish, only in vain life.

19. People live in the moment, life is so once.But different environment brewing different people, different scenery affect different mood, different attitude will have different result.

20. Effort and harvest is their own, has nothing to do with others.Always believe a word: only oneself are strong enough, will not be trampled.

Article 21. The two paths in life, a walk with your heart, is called a dream;A walk with their feet, called the reality.Heart go too slowly, the reality will pale;Feet walking too slowly, dream never fly.Life is wonderful, always go very well, and just to keep up.Control your mind, let her go, walk;Speed up your pace, let all dream of beautiful wings.

22. All the efforts, not to let others think you're great, but in order to let oneself heart respect yourself, life is running, is not in the outbreak of the moment, depends on the way insist, longitudinal have hundreds of a reason to give up, you also want to find a reason to insist, can inspire you, warm you, touch you, is not a motivational sayings chicken soup, but the side than you good people than you also try hard!High ideals!

23. Know what I can do, is a sign that you are in continuous growth;Know I can't do something, you are constantly mature.

24. Put the time on the face, beauty.My time on study, the wisdom of success.Used his time in the market, the achievements management.Used his time in the family, affection.Put the time in card games, gamblers.Put the time in wine, drunk.Time is fair, where the heart is, where time is, where action, where you will gain!

25. Give up your has been sticking to the opinions and views.No matter what thing, if you walking on the road ahead very difficult, might as well the introspection oneself always adhere to the views and opinions.Try to give them up, as the saying goes, step back seasky, well, if there are any mistakes will have the chance to make up for, back to back will have greater power.

26. In bad mood, also don't write on the face, no one likes to see;Days to poor, also do not talk about, no one give you money without cause;Work again tired, also don't complain, no one for you unconditionally dry;Life is short, again also do not humiliate, didn't pay for your health;Life again painstakingly, also don't lose faith, will be in the future;More deep feelings, also don't entangled, no clearance will be boring;Forward again difficult, also want to go out, keep on to reach the ideal other shore!

27. We can't predict the future road, had to concentrate on the walk good feet every step of the way.This happen will happen, whether you for this anxiety.Going forward, look forward, life is so simple.Each takes a strong man, have a soft heart, adjust state of mind, gentle hand, cry to yourself, laugh to others see, this is what we call life.

28. Life is too short, to live deliberately.Happiness comes from the accumulation of every little bit, and the infiltration between the a bit life.Happiness is a heart of happiness, have a heart of happiness, have the source of happiness, happiness is a feeling, is from the echo of the soul.

29. The voyage of life, namely is road, decided today not today, but yesterday's attitude to life;Tomorrow is not tomorrow, but today, as for the cause.Our today is determined by the past, our tomorrow is decided by today!

30. Only can get something for nothing in the world is poor, can only is a dream out of thin air.No matter, don't start work can be achieved.World's harsh, but as long as you are willing to go, there is always a way;Can't see the beautiful, because you don't have a stick to go on.Forward without regret, if it is good, called the wonderful;If it is bad, called the experience!

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