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I wish you a long time, a thousand li chan | reach in advance I wish you happy Mid-Autumn festival.
From: Please Complete English Information Post date: 2018-09-26

Another Mid-Autumn festival,
Every year on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month,
It's a traditional Mid-Autumn festival.
On Mid-Autumn night,
The round moon,
Carrying the traveler's deep thoughts for his loved ones.

Origin of the Mid-Autumn festival

The Mid-Autumn festival began in the early years of the tang dynasty and flourished in the song dynasty. The Mid-Autumn festival has been listed as a national legal holiday since 2008. On May 20, 2006, the state council was listed in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage.

Eat moon cakes

For the Mid-Autumn festival, mooncakes are a must for every household. Traditional mooncakes with five kernel and bean paste, yunnan-style mooncakes with yunnan flavor, and sweet but not greasy ones with broad coconut, are bewildering in variety. Well, do you know why moon cakes are eaten on Mid-Autumn festival?

At first, mooncakes were an offering, and every year during the Mid-Autumn festival, people would offer cakes to the moon god. After the offering, the whole family will divide the mooncakes to express the family reunion. By the Ming dynasty, mooncakes became the official festival food for the Mid-Autumn festival.

The Mid-Autumn festival, to the flowers and the moon, is also handed down one of the Mid-Autumn customs. The custom of appreciating the moon originated from the sacrificial month, which changed from a serious sacrificial activity to a lighthearted entertainment now.

The Mid-Autumn festival began around the wei and jin period, but did not become a habit. By the tang dynasty, many of the tang dynasty poets had poems about the moon. To the song dynasty formed to appreciate the moon for the center of the Mid-Autumn activities, the song dynasty is the autumn night is not sleepless night, night market open all night, play month visitors, dandan not.

Feast vulgar

The Mid-Autumn festival is a family reunion dinner, this Mid-Autumn festival dining table is indispensable crabs, autumn crabs are fat, Mid-Autumn festival is a good time to eat crabs.

In a dream of red mansions, cao xueqin described the scene of people in jia mansion enjoying the moon and eating crabs in the garden. Until now, we did not forget to steamed a few crabs and the family share food.

The coming of the Mid-Autumn festival, all the staff here to wish you a happy Mid-Autumn festival, family reunion! No matter where you are, you want to be surrounded by your family on this reunion day. No matter how busy you are, don't forget to have a reunion dinner together.

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