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Bird's eye cloth, breathable and comfortable fabric, bring you cool summer.
From: Please Complete English Information Post date: 2018-09-18

Bird's eye cloth, as the name implies, is a cloth on which a lot of one by one looks like bird's eye, so what is the specific bird's eye cloth? I believe that many partners will have such doubts, so let me show you to understand the bird eye cloth.



Bird's eye cloth, which we often call "honeycomb" -- is a knitted fabric, weft knitted fabric. It can be made of polyester, or it can be made of cotton. The 100% polyester fiber is woven and dyed and finished, and many of the products are used to produce sportswear or household fabrics. After adding proper amount of spandex, the pneumatic diaphragm pump can be used as elastic bird's eye cloth and the funnel brush navigation mark.

If you look closely, you can see that the surface of the bird is a kind of grid holes. These holes exist for the purpose of better perspiration. This is the name of the bird's eye cloth.


Bird's eye cloth, comfortable fabric, make its comfortable design, make fabric and skin reduce friction to generate heat, let you enjoy cool summer.


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