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The executive power of the shoe factory staff is not good, it is the responsibility of the manager!
From: Please Complete English Information Post date: 2018-01-05

The lower quality of the subordinates is not your responsibility; but it is your responsibility to not improve the quality of the subordinates.
- Zhang Ruimin

"Executive power" has always been a hot topic, and it has also been a subject of many experts' research, and the reasons they think are:

1, the 16 root causes of poor executive power
1) objective uncertainty;
2) the strategy is not clear;
3) the instruction is not clear;
4) the channel is unimpeded;
5) the personnel are not in place;
6) the structure is not reasonable;
7) the responsibility is not clear;
8) the seriousness is not divided;
9) the tracking is not in place;
10) the standard is not uniform;
11) punishment is not clear;
12) teams do not cooperate;
13) culture is not pragmatic;
14) training can't keep up with it;
15) unfaithful professional conduct;
16) EQ does not pass through;
17) fuzzy incentive system

2, the 8 reasons for the poor executive power
1) not long graspunremittingly - cop-out;
2) system is not rigorous and inconstant in policy;
3) the system is not reasonable - the lack of feasibility;
4) the process of execution is too cumbersome to be inflexible in terms of provisions;
5) lack of a good method - will not decompose the summary work;
6) lack of scientific evaluation mechanism - no effective supervision;
7) only formal training does not change ideas and mindsets;
8) the lack of corporate culture, which is recognized by everyone, is not cohesive.
3, the 6 "lack" of the poor executive force
1) the management of the lack of goals, the staff to do at a loss;
2) the management is short of plan, and the employees are very busy.
3) management lack of training, employees do not know how to do;
4) the management of the lack of process, employees do not smooth;
5) the lack of incentive management, employees do the same;
6) the management of the lack of methods, employees do things twice and work half.

4, the 5 reasons for the poor executive power
1) the subordinates do not know what to do (the allocation of responsibility);
2) the subordinates don't know how to do it.
3) do not work smoothly (the system process);
4) do not know what good to do well;
5) it is no harm to know whether to do well or not (Organizational Culture).
The above research results are very reasonable, but if a further study is further explored, how many reasons are related to the staff?
What is the relationship between strategy, goal and employee? How much does the system have to do with the employees? How much does the appraisal mechanism, the training, the corporate culture have to do with the employees?

In my opinion, the above 4 research results, the most realistic one, are 4.
What we need to ask is: why do employees don't know? What are their superiors (managers) doing?
So my conclusion is:
Staff execution power is not good, that is, the manager is not good!
The following questions must be a negative answer to the managers who say the employees have poor executive ability.
1. do employees have pressure? Do you have an indicator on your head?
2. to monitor the time, the node is controlled? Do you call a meeting, listen to the report, tell the risk and discuss how to control it? Has it been coordinated?
3. task reasonable and clear? Did you give it to the right person? Is it authorized? Does the employee understand the impact of the task on the team goals? Do you have any impact on personal performance?

In fact, poor executive power is a phenomenon, and poor management is the essence. Managers complain all day of staff executive power, and not to inspect management problems, in fact, is in the avoidance of the problem, is to find excuses, shirk the responsibility!
So, it is recommended that managers do not complain about low executive ability, because it's mostly related to you. Either you don't use the right person, or you don't train enough, or you don't use the right performance, or you don't explicitly tell the executor's goal, or you blindly command, or you do everything yourself.
In addition to you, there are other reasons?

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