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I'm sorry, I still do shoes in 2018!
From: Please Complete English Information Post date: 2018-01-05

The 2017 is coming to an end
I still do shoes next year
But I want to say to them:
I'm sorry, mom and Dad
Work is too busy and tired
I took the initiative to call you too few times
The number of times home is numbered
I always want to wait for a long call in a little idle time
I always want to take a long vacation home to see you
But it's always too little and too little.

I'm sorry, love.
Maybe because it's too busy
I don't have time to talk to you at work
Go home from work and you go to bed again
I have the warmest feelings in the world
Want to be with you forever
But I hope
Time is all left to work
When you need me, I can only apologize.
But my heart will always be in you

I'm sorry, baby
I want to take your hand and learn to walk with you
I want to sit next to you every day, coaching you to do your homework
I'd like to take you to the park on the weekend
How much I love you, you don't know
But the world is changing too fast
I dare not slack out for a moment
I'm fighting for myself, and struggling for you
Just hope that your future will be a little flat
Just hope that you and your friends talk about me
Can be a little bit of pride
I'm sorry, brother
You can't arrive on time when you have something to do
The party often puts you in Dove
I really don't have to pay attention to friends and really have to
The shoe is day and night
One thing is done, you have to finish it.
I want to go with you drunk
Review the ruts
Talk about our happy past
You are all in my memory, never far away
I often turn over the Yellow album in the late night

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I have a lot of communication for a long time
A hoarse voice
I'm sorry I can't eat on time
A long discomfort stomach
I'm sorry my tired eyes
I'm sorry my nervous nerves
I'm sorry, all the effort is just to take that responsibility.
When you do the shoes, you have to do the best.

I'm sorry, my dream.
Making shoes is not my ideal at first
But inadvertently entered the shoe industry
I'm going to work hard
If youth has left a mark on me
That's obstinate and insistence
That is to strive for perfection
I always believe that all the efforts of life are rewarded
I always believe that all suffering is a practice

I'm sorry all the people except the customers.
But, in 2018, I still do shoes!

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